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Our aim at Balloon Portfolio is to provide balloon ideas and recipe style balloon design instructions to follow, that are easy downloadable step by step pictorial recipes to create a variety of different designs, such as balloon ideas for decorations of a wedding, birthday party, air filled designs and more; as well as downloadable high resolution balloon design photographs. The difference between this site and others is that you can download either the step by step recipe instructions or the balloon design photograph or even both as a recipe combo, the choice is yours!

Balloon Portfolio  presents to, both the seasoned professional and the 'just getting started' valuable information in the form of Balloon ideas, step by step recipes and photographs to help them successfully continue to increase their balloon or party business. We also have an Air filled recipe section in this time of Helium shortage.                            

At Balloon Portfolio we will be offering pictorial step by step balloon recipes for all different wedding decorations, for a baby's birth, Christening or naming day through to themed ideas for parties such as underwater, 007, Hollywood and more.


We will also offer free information such arch formulas, balloon capacity charts, free techniques in the form of easy step by step recipe instructions, many air filled designs and much more, so all these tools can be at your fingertips when you come to do a quote or decoration.

Our step by step instructions will also come in Spanish.

The products will appear as different icons such as:

  • Balloon techniques as balloon instruction recipes and free 'Tools of the Trade', as 'post it notes'
  • Ring binders as the step by step  balloon instruction recipes
  • Box as a combination of balloon instruction recipes and high resolution photographs
  • Photo frame as high resolution  photograph
  • Book which contains five balloon art instruction recipes and high resolution balloon photographs

We will be continually adding balloon photographs, balloon instruction recipes
(especially air filled designs) and portfolios to the site.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are wanting any balloon art instruction recipes or photographs in particular

All images, step by step recipes and free downloads are protected under copy right and remain the property of Balloon Portfoilo.

What can you "do" with them.
  • The photographs can be add to your portfoilo
  • They can be used as a sales tool
  • The photographs can be posted on your web site
  • The photograths can be used in any publicity or advertising you are doing for your balloon decorating company or party shop
What can you "not do" with them.
  • They can not be resold in part or as a whole
  • They can not be added to any class notes in part or as a whole
  • They can not be downloaded and given away as a free gift or prize
  • They can not be published in any trade publication without the permission of Balloon Portfoilo

 To help you with balloon topiary instructions, ballooon art instructions, air filled recipes and designs, and balloon decoration instructions, and give you balloon ideas and recipes






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